Invisalign For The Perfect Smile

Put your trust in our skilled dentists to perform the Invisalign process in a way that best fits your dental structure and look.

Get the charming smile that you have always desired with our advanced Invisalign treatment. Contact Lake Arbor Dental Associates Of Maryland today for a FREE consultation.

Invisalign Treatment For Teenagers

Traditional braces can be embarrassing and uncomfortable when you're in college or at work. Switch to the newest technique — Invisalign — to get the smile that you have always wanted! You'll be happy to know that our effective Invisalign treatment can transform your smile within 6 months.

Call us at 301-808-3909 to schedule an appointment. You can also refer a friend or a family member and get a $25 credit.
Let us make your smile transformation treatment easier with Invisalign.
Call 301-808-3909!
We've been in business since 2005. Our dentists are highly experienced and well-acquainted with the latest dental care procedures.
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